Thursday, December 24, 2015

Debate is not a form of abuse

The UK National Union of Students (NUS) has published the results of a survey claiming that 46 per cent of students have been ‘trolled’ on social media over their political views and appearance. A further 32 per cent said such experiences had forced them to lower their online profile, and the same proportion said that this ‘bullying’ had affected their mental health. NUS president Megan Dunn said she herself has received rape and death threats on social media, and has reported tweeters to the police no fewer than five times.

I would apologise for seeming unsympathetic, if it wasn’t for the fact that I am not sympathetic in the slightest. Rape and death threats are unpleasant and, where appropriate, should be prosecuted. But almost all of what people call ‘threats’ on social media today amount to little more than grotesque hyperbole. As for the 46 per cent who say they have been ‘trolled’, I’m pretty sure most of them will find they were in fact simply being disagreed with.

Disagreement is a fact of life, and an important one. It is the foundation of democracy, but too many of our students confuse it with abuse. Someone disagreeing with you over an issue, whether it be BDS or transgender rights, should spark a debate, not a complaint to the authorities. Crying about ‘bullying’ is now the natural reflex of so many students when they stumble upon someone outside their own political bubble.

Britain’s students need to grow up and stop wanting to be treated like children. Crying to mummy when someone calls you a nasty word is fine for kids, but at least when I was young the standard advice was to ignore the name-callers. Complaining because someone disagrees with you, or is just trying to wind you up, is quite simply pathetic.

University is meant to broaden your mind, not reinforce your preconceptions. If your views are challenged, defend them. Don’t throw your toys out of the pram and complain that you’re being bullied or ‘trolled’.



Anonymous said...

Liberals have tightly closed minds.

Use the Name, Luke said...

Thus the reason for the phrase "precious snowflakes" who cannot withstand the slightest amount of heat.

A body is made strong by exerting effort against resistance. A mind is made strong through the exercise of thinking, something these precious snowflakes are anxious to avoid!

Anonymous said...

They claim "bullying" because they have NO answer for the arguments they are presented with so they look for any other escape they can find short of actually conceding the point.

The left is so unwilling to change they refuse to concede the point when they are shown just how wrong they are. It of course centers on their feelings, since they feel they are correct they simply know there's something wrong when they are refuted and therefore refuse to accept when they are beaten.

Anonymous said...

Luke is a prime example of "precious snowflakes", who cannot stand opposing views and dismisses them all as "trolls" - what a hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

So-called universities today are no more than highschools for slightly older children.

Anonymous said...

"So-called universities today are no more than highschools for slightly older children." says a 10th grade dropout.

Bird of Paradise said...

We dont have schools anymore their Indoctrination Centers

Anonymous said...

6:56 must be one of those slightly older children at a so-called university!