Sunday, December 13, 2015

Green/Left hate speech at Paris climate conference

Amid the light-hearted fanfare generated by environmental activists in the French capital, the climate summit has also been notable for a hardening of tone against perceived climate-change deniers — several of whom have been subject to highly personalised campaigns.

Fiona Wild, a representative of the mining group BHP Billiton at the talks, flew back to Australia on Thursday after becoming the focus of an aggressive campaign against individuals in Paris accused of trying to water down the final climate agreement.
Ms Wild and several others had their faces plastered on more than 1,000 large “wanted” posters, which were put up around luxury hotels in Paris. The targets were accused of being “climate criminals” trying to “keep fossil fuels at the centre of human development”.

A spokesperson for BHP Billiton said Ms Wild flew back to Australia before the end of the summit “following a very concerning campaign by French activists . . . which incorrectly claimed BHP Billiton [and Ms Wild] were climate-change deniers”.

One person close to Ms Wild said she had also been warned that more personal attacks against her were to come. The BHP Billiton spokesperson called the campaign “highly personalised and unfair”.
The crusade reflected the generally hostile attitude to climate sceptics in Paris, with senior policy figures making clear that this time they were not welcome and their point of view was no longer valid.

Others on the “wanted” list included Benjamin Sporton, head of the World Coal Association; Marc Morano, who runs the climate sceptic website; Myron Ebell, director of the US think-tank Competitive Enterprise Institute; Bjorn Lomborg, Danish author of The Skeptical Environmentalist; and James Taylor, senior fellow at the Heartland Institute, another US libertarian think-tank.

Some were more relaxed than others about being branded “criminals”. Mr Morano, who premiered his new climate-sceptic documentary Climate Hustle, responded to a Financial Times request for comment by sending a photograph of himself posing by his “wanted” sign with an expression of mock-fear.

“You have to wonder how strong their scientific case really is if activists resort to accusing anyone who disagrees of being a wanted criminal,” he said.

Others took it more seriously. Mr Ebell said it was a concern in a “free society” that in a conference attended by thousands of environmental non-government organisations, activists would want to “exclude and silence” a small group of “climate realists”.



Anonymous said...

Climate change nuts are very similar to religious fanatics.

Anonymous said...

The real climate criminals are those leftist/green intolerant thugs who refuse to let anyone hold a dissenting opinion. It is time to hole their feet to the flame and prove their lies are going to bankrupt the world for no gain. Who decides which country is developed because far as I am concerned India, China, Brazil and Russia are all developed countries and are liable to pay any compensation. You can include the Philippines, Indonesia and many African countries in that list as well. There are no undeveloped countries in Europe or Asia. So who exactly qualifies for the climate money scam? As near as I can see there is only one undeveloped country and that is Antarctica but it doesn't need assistance.

Anonymous said...

Is there a difference between the climate lobby and ISIL? None that I can perceive. Both need to be erased from this world.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore should be number 1 on the climate criminal most wanted list.

Anonymous said...

"Climate change nuts are very similar to religious fanatics."

Not quite. "Climate Change"theory/hypothesis is based upon measurable data collected over many decades. Whereas, religious fanatics' dogma is based upon NOTHING. No measurable data. No theory. Nothing.

You are quick to believe in something that has no basis in rational thought. Whereas, you dismiss scientific theories because the data does not fit you belief system.

I, myself, go for the scientific method, not supernatural film-flam.

Anonymous said...

"Climate change nuts are very similar to religious fanatics."

"Not quite. "Climate Change" theory/hypothesis is based upon measurable data collected over many decades. Whereas, religious fanatics' dogma is based upon NOTHING. No measurable data. No theory. Nothing."

Climate change data used for the UN treaty is based on corrupt data. If that is not up there with religious dogma then humanity has been duped by professionals. The 97% of scientists theory was bullshit. They cut the polled group numbers down by a factor of 100 until they got the data they need to fool the world. Science is not based on popularity but on hard provable data which has seriously been lacking. Old temperature records have either been deleted or modified downwards to indicate a rise in global temperature. Heat island effects skew temperature readings upwards. Satellite data showing record ice in the Antarctic is ignored in favour of melting ice in the Antarctic cause by an underwater volcano which assists the scam. Temperature data from satellites is ignored because the data shows no global warming for the last 15yrs. And the gullible still believe if scientific witchcraft. Anyone who disagrees, especially climate scientists are accused of heresy, sacked, ridiculed and treated as fools. this flies in the face of science. The global warmists have recreated the flat earth theory because to do otherwise is to lose huge grants, prestige, power and credibility.

Anonymous said...

8:50 PM AMEN !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:50,

If you hate science so much, then why are you posting your drivel on a computer which was created by science? You "people" like to pick and choose whatever fits within your world view, be it the Bible, science, or bigotry. Right wing hypocrites abound.

Bird of Paradise said...

I see where a bunch of these Tree Huggers/Granola Munchers posted the pictures of who they consiter Climate Crinimals Just shows what a steady diet of nuts and berries Captian Planet Marathons and watching crap like WATERWORLD and AVATAR has cuased their brains to shrink

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:06

I never stated I hate science. I indicated that science was being abused for political reasons and left wing terrorism reasons. People like you distort science in order to push your agenda. If anyone should not be using a computer it is a greenie. Shall we mention the record carbon footprint for those that traveled to Paris for a scam treaty. What a bunch of sanctimonious left wing hypocrites. What there wasn't enough carbon in the atmosphere that more was needed for this bullshit treaty? Yet we saw many greenie Hollywood types load even more carbon into the atmosphere in order to have a front row seat. Are you that much of a hypocrite that you support such bullshit or is the truth that you know that its all about gaining power for a world government? That socialism is on the cusp of realising the ultimate dream? In yours. Conservatives will fight your phony science and your dreams of world governance at every step. Science has regressed to the dark ages once again.