Monday, December 21, 2015

School District Casts Out Bible Verses From ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

Elementary school students in Johnson County, Ky., performed a version of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” purged of Bible verses after the school district barred religious references in holiday programs.

School district officials censored the Thursday night performance of the play at W.R. Castle Elementary School, along with other Christmas productions, after receiving a lone complaint about mentions of religion in school programs, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported.

Principal Jeff Cochran rid the script–based on the classic 1965 “Peanuts” TV special–of the key scene where the character Linus recites a passage from the Bible detailing the birth of Jesus to explain to Charlie Brown “what Christmas is all about.”

Cochran did so after Johnson County Schools Superintendent Thomas Salyer notified him that Christmas programs had to “follow appropriate regulations.”

Another school reportedly replaced the hymn “Silent Night” with a Christmas rendition of the rap song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” which is full of nonsensical rhymes.

Salyer said in a statement that the district’s holiday programs would comply with federal law, which he said prohibits teachers and faculty from promoting a specific religion at school

Protesters congregated outside Johnson County school district offices for three days following Salyer’s announcement, criticizing his decision to expunge religious references from all Christmas programs.

Lawyers from the Christian legal organization Alliance Defending Freedom sent a letter to Johnson County school officials Tuesday urging them to reinstate the deleted Bible verses (Luke 2:8-14) from the production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” It read in part:

    "There is no violation of the so-called ‘separation of church and state’ by allowing children to learn about theater and the origins of Christmas through participating in a stage version of this beloved program that contains the same religious elements as the television version."

ADF’s lawyers said courts consistently have ruled that Christmas programs in schools can include religious references, concluding that “there is no basis” for a district’s censorship.



Anonymous said...

There is not any ‘separation of church and state’.
I am an atheist and I thought, and still think, the passage by Linus was very good.
Jesus was a real person and Christmas is a celebration of his birth.

Anonymous said...

Check the news story:

VIDEO: Parents read Bible verses cut from ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ school play

Anonymous said...

The leftist Grinch steals Christmas again. Can't wait for schools to support Ramadan, oh..wait..aren't there some schools that do athletic training after dark in order to accommodate Muslim students? That wouldn't be supporting a religion would it? Against federal laws? And they weren't private schools.

Bird of Paradise said...

Our local High School has a outdoor electric message board and their flashing MERRY CHRISTMAS on it I sure hope the infamous ACLU never finds out

Alpha Skua said...

Send a E-Mail to santa ask him to leave a load of coal for those school officials

Anonymous said...

Can I assume thatthese school officials will not be getting paid when they don't show up for work on December 25th? Since when is a government that is so concerned about the separation of church and state using taxpayers money to pay workers to take a Christian holiday?

Anonymous said...

The Christian church appropriated this pagan holiday, like they appropriated so much else from the pagan world they took over, first in the Roman Empire and then beyond, just like the Muslims took over cultures and claimed them as their own.