Thursday, December 10, 2015

Must not call Obama a feline

But OK to call George Bush a Nazi, of course

Fox contributors former U.S. Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and actress Stacey Dash were each ordered off the air for two weeks
Both appeared on air while discussing President Barack Obama's speech on terrorism

Peters was appearing on a Fox Business Network program when he said: 'This guy is such a total p****'

Dash who appeared in Fox's program Outnumbered said Obama's speech was an epic fail said 'I felt like he could give a s***'

Senior executive vice president of programming at Fox said in both cases language 'was completely inappropriate for our air'

Peters was appearing on a Fox Business Network program hosted by Stuart Varney when he was asked his reaction to the president's speech and said he didn't like it. His comments were not bleeped out, according to CNN.

'Well, first of all he keeps speaking about "we can't give in to our fears." You know, "don't be afraid,' he said.

'Look, Mr. President we're not afraid we're angry, we're pissed off, we're furious.

'We want you to react, we want you to do something. You're afraid. I mean this guy is such a total p****, it's stunning.'

After he finished his response, Varney said that while he could tell Peters was 'super angry,' he should not use such language which Peters responded with 'I'm sorry.'



Anonymous said...

They were both right. Obama is a Community Organizer without any executive experience and he has no useful ideas.

Anonymous said...

Better not for the President (of any country) to give these kind of "re-assuring" official speeches to the nation, like an Orwellian "Big Brother", as it's so unconvincing from any angle.

Anonymous said...

The great zero is not a puzzy, he is a coward.


Bird of Paradise said...

Obama is more like a reptile(Snake)of some kind and i don't like snakes

Anonymous said...

Calling Obama a pussy is offensive to felines unless you are using the vernacular and calling him a c**t. That would be perfectly acceptable.

Anonymous said...

"he (Obama) has no useful ideas"

Correction: "he has no useful CONSERVATIVE ideas"

You are welcome.

Anonymous said...

Why do most of Obama's ideas revolve around open borders in the leftist belief that the illegals will vote Democrat and that way they will maintain the vote for the foreseeable future. That belief alone should be grounds for impeachment.