Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Online retailer popular with teenagers faces backlash over £12 cropped jumper emblazoned with the word 'slut'

I imagine that some defiant women, feminists maybe, might want to wear such a garment.  If so the firm is just meeting consumer demand and should be allowed to do so.  Nobody is forcing anybody to buy it

An online retailer Missguided is facing a social media backlash after advertising a branded crop top with the word 'Slut' emblazoned across it.

The website, which sells high fashion, low cost designs that are a firm favourite with teenagers, provoked criticism on Twitter for selling the £12 jumper.

A Twitter user called Liv, wrote: 'Girls are fighting for sexual freedom and ending slut shaming. "Slut" should not be a fashion trend.' 

Eden was also one of dozens of Twitter users offended by the jumper's slogan.  'Yeah 'cos saying, "I'm a self proclaimed slut", is a really good message to be sending to girls Missguided.'

Alongside a picture of the jumper Ella Cairns wrote: 'I don't understand Missguided sometimes.'

Meanwhile a Ellellecoolj posted an image of the jumper on Instagram, writing: 'Missguided doing their bit for feminism.'



Use the Name, Luke said...

'Girls are fighting for sexual freedom and ending slut shaming.'

So someone would buy and voluntarily wear this because they're somehow ashamed of being called a slut? It seems to me that any female who would self-label herself as a slut lacks shame and is proud of the label.

Anonymous said...

2:24 AM Agreed. Don't complain about the results if you wear something suggestive with the word slut on it and people take you at your word. As for the mother bitching about it, don't like it then don't shop there. It's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Have you been to the website? If you're offended by a top that says "slut", you can be further offended by the other stuff they sell and how they advertise. "I don't understand Missguided sometimes". Really? Take a hint from their name and just move along, perhaps you can find something else to offend you on your travels.

Anonymous said...

I thought that women were promoting so-called 'slut walks' nowadays?
How is this different?