Tuesday, December 29, 2015

NM: Appeal Filed In Free Speech Case Over Anti-Gay Essay

 A judge dismissed a former University of New Mexico student's lawsuit alleging she was ostracized by professors for anti-gay remarks made in a paper, federal court documents revealed.

Monica Pompeo and her attorney, Bob Gorence, filed an appeal to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver and a hearing on the matter is set for next month, according to court records.

Pompeo claims the university violated her First Amendment right to free speech and kicked her out of a class in 2012 for describing lesbianism as "perverse" in a critique of a lesbian romance film.

The Albuquerque Journal (http://bit.ly/1OeT0Jy ) reported that the lawsuit alleges the teacher violated her own syllabus, which called for "open minds" to examine "representations of a plethora of genders and sexualities." Instead, Pompeo says, she was accused of resorting to "hate speech," and the professor refused to grade her paper.

Pompeo alleges the professor also made it clear that it would be in Pompeo's best interests not to return to the class.


Apparently the university offered her the chance to revise her essay, but why should she?  She's entitled to her opinions. And offer or no offer, it is still a case of censorship.


Anonymous said...

Pompeo should collect a large punitive payment.

Anonymous said...

The blatantly agenda driven judiciary at it again.

Anonymous said...

Leftists often use the term open minded in reference to opinions that are merely dirty minded.

Anonymous said...

More power to the student. If her rights aren't upheld then all else is false.

Anonymous said...

One should have the right to express opinions but not the right to have them respected, or that they may not have consequences.

Bird of Paradise said...

That accademic proffesor and the judge need to be made to read the U.S. Constitution 2000 times