Monday, December 14, 2015

Must not say that the poor mostly keep themselves poor

Why are these delicate flowers being shielded from this perfectly reasonable nuts-and-bolts theory of poverty? Even were the theory factually wrong, why are these nearly fully mature young minds in need of protection from its consideration?

Clearly, the problem was that Shapiro challenged the Leftist creed that poor people are helpless victims of our wicked society who need the Left to save them

Ben Shapiro was told he 'crossed a line' during a speech sponsored by Young America’s Foundation at Otay Ranch High School near San Diego.

Shapiro was talking about income mobility in the United States. “The reason people are permanently poor in the United States isn’t because they don’t have money, it’s because they suck with money. The reasons people are temporarily poor can vary,” he said to the crowd of 450 students.

“That’s not even controversial. If you’re permanently poor for your entire life, you’re not great with money by definition,” he continued before being interrupted by school administrator Dean Nafarrete.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Shapiro,” he began. “I’m at a point right now, where, quite frankly, I’m going to dismiss the students… With all due respect, Mr. Shapiro, Mr. Shapiro represents a narrative that he’s providing to all you guys based on his opinions, what he believes, what he wants to share with all of you. I know that the education was there for all of you to understand, the left side, right side, whatnot, but also the opportunity was allowed for him to impress some of his opinions on certain things… I think what this is getting into now, it’s starting to cross a line.”

Shapiro asked “what line would that be”, but Nafarrete continued to tell students they could leave. This received boos from the crowd to the school's administrator.

According to Breitbart half of the students stayed and Nafarrete told Shapiro that he dismissed the students to 'protect their feelings.'

“This is why young Americans are moving left,” said Shapiro. “The left has hijacked our educational system from the bottom up. It doesn’t start in college. It doesn’t even start in high school. Teaching American children that they are victims of a cruel and unjust system is a nasty lesson few Americans unlearn. And apparently, if you attempt to teach that they have every opportunity in the freest nation in the history of the world to succeed, you will ‘cross the line.’”


I know that Shapiro is right.  In my early years, I lived on government dole payments a couple of times.  And not only did I have a comfortable life then but I even saved money! 

In our society these days, poverty is mostly caused by foolish behavior.  All the poor people I have come across have plenty of money for beer and cigarettes.  And I used to run a 22-room boarding house in a poor area so I do know the poor very well. I used to see the boxes of "goon" (cheap white wine) coming into the building every "payday" (the day when welfare payments arrived)


Anonymous said...

The government policies punish those who work to get off of welfare.

Anonymous said...

Notice the perpetually poor are multiple generation Americans. Immigrants come here with absolutely nothing and thrive, even with poor English-language skills.

Anonymous said...

The college is required to promote welfare expectations after their courses because the don't actually teach kids to enter the workforce and be competitive. Personally I would ban all arts courses where there is an oversupply of candidates for jobs that do not exist in the numbers that colleges delude people to believe. In fact I would introduce courses pre-college that would educate students to become tradesmen. I realise that the illegals fill this percentage of the population but they are neither trained nor educated and hopefully will be returned to where they belong.

Stan B said...

That poor people are poor because of bad decision making can be seen in the fact that 70% of people who come into unexpectedly large sums of money (lottery winners, large settlements, inheritances, etc) are back where they started, or worse, in 7 years!

Failing to take advantage of educational opportunities IS an example of POOR ECONOMIC DECISION MAKING!

Bird of Paradise said...

The poor getting poorer in the peoples paradise of Cuba

Anonymous said...

The middle class is petting poorer in the US. Obama is realising his equality program. He couldn't afford to raise the poor to middle class under his socialists government so he reduced the middle class to the levels of the poor. What an egalitarian.

Anonymous said...

The difference between the left and the right. On the outside they both appear to want the same thing except the right want to elevate the working class to the middle class and the left want to lower the middle class to the working class. Very simple if you actually listen to what they say.