Sunday, December 06, 2015

Court Throws Out Suit to Dismantle Memorial Cross

Judge Deborah Chasanow, a federal judge in Maryland, rejected a suit by the American Humanist Association Monday that tried to dismantle a 40-foot cross honoring the veterans who fought and died during World War I. Despite the accusations, Chasanow — a Clinton appointee, by the way — ruled that the Bladensburg Peace Cross in Maryland predominantly fulfilled a secular purpose, which was to invoke the thousands of crosses under which American soldiers lie buried.

“Although the record indicates that there were three isolated religious services held at the Monument,” Chasanow wrote, “the predominant and nearly exclusive use of the Monument has been for annual commemorative events held on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.”

This suit was reminiscent of the fight over the memorial cross at Mount Soledad in San Diego, which was targeted for removal by those that wanted to strip every hint and inference of Christianity from the public square.

Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky wrote of the Bladensburg Peace Cross, “The plaintiffs in this case, in essence, wanted to destroy a 90-year-old memorial to fallen soldiers based on thoughtless, vain, and shallow motives that are an insult to the sacrifices of brave Americans.”

Like their intellectual siblings in higher education, it sounds like these cross-phobic humanists need some “safe spaces.”



Anonymous said...

The court got it right.

Stan B said...

Don't worry - when the Islamists take over the US, the whole country will be a Cross-Free Zone......and then they'll realize that Christianity is NOT the greatest plague on mankind imaginable.

Anonymous said...

The Truth shall set you free, and love and forgive others and be healed, are the central teachings of Christianity. Leftists hate truth and genuine goodwill. They are liars and phonies. That's why they hate Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Question, is it possible to push the ACLU into suing a religious entity? As I, and many others, are traumatized by the recent attacks in this country, and we are directly affected by these attacks, can we sue any and all religious entities directly connected with these attacks? As such I would like a class action suit against any and all mosques connected with any and all acts of physical violence against others, based on the fact that they are not of the same religious persuasion.
Any layers out there want to start the legal ground work on this?

Bird of Paradise said...

Tell those humanists freakos to shove a copy of ORIGION OF THE SPEICES up their backsides