Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Some hate-speech from a Leftist columnist

Take heart, fellow citizens. In a few months, we’ll see that polls are just fleeting snapshots and that we will not be electing a narcissist, racist, lying, spewer of hate (Donald Trump) or a science-denying, foreign-affairs-know-nothing (Ben Carson) or the scion of a famous family who hasn’t been able to convince anyone he wants to be president (Jeb Bush).

Of course, we’ll still be left with a loudmouth bully (Chris Christie); a clever but insufferable tea-party showoff (Ted Cruz); an unproven, young upstart who has no respect for process (Marco Rubio); a guy who lost his Senate seat and once likened homosexuality to bestiality, which he now regrets (Rick Santorum); a former Fox News host, preacher and ex-governor whose statements have been 41 percent false or mostly false (Mike Huckabee); a sitting governor who alienates the base of his party (John Kasich); a fired CEO who loves attacking but hasn’t enough money (Carly Fiorina); a retired former governor whose name people can’t remember (George, uh, Pataki); a hawkish senator from the South who has no base (Lindsey Graham); a libertarian senator who touts isolationism (Rand Paul); and a former governor who can’t get on the debate stage (John Gilmore).


She will be shocked to be told her words are hate speech but they clearly ooze hate. Leftists have no self-insight.


Anonymous said...

Liberals or leftist have twisted "minds"; it is a mental condition.

Anonymous said...

Leftist are living examples of how a hateful heart leads to mental insanity with automatically arising delusions and projections. They are narcissistic deluded psychopaths.

Anonymous said...

Delusional speech is more like it. This columnist is obviously a Hilary supporter and can't help but let her bias interfere with objectivity.

Bird of Paradise said...

I want to see liberal demacrats humiliated and demoralized