Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Must not represent Australian Aborigines as cute

An ‘Australian Aboriginal Lucky Doll’ has been pulled from stores after photos of the key-ring surfaced on social media and were widely condemned as racist.

The wooden dolls were spotted at a store at Brisbane International Airport by Aboriginal activist Robin Taubenfeld.

They were painted with red, white, black and yellow and were attached to a key-ring by a leather rope which some have said is reminiscent of a ‘noose’.

A photo of the ‘Lucky Dolls’ was posted to Ms Taubenfeld’s Facebook page on Thursday, which prompted their removal from shelves the following day.  Her post has since been shared more than 400 times.

One person commented that the dolls were ‘disrespectful to The Dreaming’.

Another person said the reference to the key-chain as a ‘Lucky Doll’ was the source of people’s anger, given the conditions in Indigenous Communities regarding health, life expectancy and high imprisonment rates.

Others said it was an example of non-Aboriginal people misappropriating and profiting off stereotypes.

Many commented speculating that the dolls were likely not even made in Australia.

Some also left comments on Brisbane Airport Facebook page to express their dismay.

A spokesperson from Brisbane Airport confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that the key-chains were 'quickly' removed from shelves.



Anonymous said...

given the conditions in Indigenous Communities regarding health, life expectancy and high imprisonment rates.

Why do those conditions exist ?
What is the matter with those people ?

Anonymous said...

Those conditions exist because the aboriginal has been a stone age up until a few generations ago. He cannot be expected, as a race, to leap 20,000 years in 200. It is not possible. Though certain individuals amongst him can do so, to varying extents.

If a race of humans 20,000 years ahead of us colonised the Earth, then we would naturally end up occupying the lowest rung of their society, probably for many centuries, if not almost indefinitely, until we bred out or faded out, succumbing to whatever dismal conditions were prevalent on the lowest rung of that society.

Every society has its lowest and highest rung. That is only natural. If we cure the lowest rung, then there is another one. That's just how it is.

I can understand aborigines disliking the so-called lucky doll. If I was in their position I would dislike it too. Whether it should be pulled off the shelves though is a different issue. There's lots of things I don't like, but they exist and I am happy with that. But then, the aboriginal is a particular case. He is prone to taking insults to heart. Not in the fake way that leftists and other races like Arabs do, just so they have an excuse to get act indignant and get angry, but he actually does take them to heart.

Bird of Paradise said...

A talking liberal doll pull string or push button and it gose WHINE,WHINE,WHINE

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Some people seem to think that throwing money at Aboriginals will elevate their status in society. They are wrong all that happens is the money is diverted to a few corrupt individuals and nothing changes. The Australian government has spent billions on the people for absolutely value to the Aboriginals are the taxpayer, it just an exercise in appeasement to make the dogooders feel good.