Sunday, December 20, 2015

Australian bureaucrats say "Spooning Goats" is a bad name

A Sydney barman has for years been battling the city's liquor licensing bureaucrats who have deemed the name of his establishment "inappropriate" or "objectionable".

The case of "Spooning Goats" highlights, he says, the arbitrary powers of the NSW liquor authority.

Jason Newton first tried to register his York Street small bar under the offending name three years ago.

But the state government's liquor regulators stopped him from using it. Under section 95 of the Liquor Act authorities do not need to justify any decision to prohibit the use of a name.

Plainclothes agents from the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority have twice visited the bar to make sure he wasn't secretly using the offensive words.

("Spooning" for the uninitiated refers to a hug where two bodies interlock like utensils in a drawer.)



Anonymous said...

It's Sydney, what more could be said? Many immigrants have strange predilections, mind you so do some locals and the bureaucrats are just ensuring that the restaurant is not a cover for bestiality. After all the gays would be upset with another fringe group piggybacking their efforts. Perhaps it's taking the piss out of Men Who Stare At Goats.

Bird of Paradise said...

Buricrats have pea sized brains why else are they so darn stupid