Thursday, November 12, 2015

‘You can’t sit with us’ T-shirts promote bullying, says  psychologist

You can't choose your friends?

A CLOTHING chain is under fire for marketing a teen girl T-shirt that encourages children to exclude their peers. Opponents say Jay Jays’ new range of new T-shirts that read “You can’t sit with us” is promoting bullying. Child psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg has called for a nationwide boycott of the stores until Jay Jays pulls the “disgraceful” clothing from its shelves.

He was contacted by outraged parents who had become concerned after noticing the T-shirt in a Jay Jays store. “I talked to a mother of one 12-year-old who said if you had any idea what life is like in the playground for my 12-year-old old you would know this is obscene,” Dr Carr-Gregg said.

The quote “You can’t sit with us” was made popular by the 2004 hit comedy Mean Girls, which was a film about a clique of nasty high school girls.

The chain was forced to pull the range and apologise after a barrage of customer complaints.



Anonymous said...

I suggest an alternative shirt: You can sit with us, but we'll beat the cr*p out of you.

Anonymous said...

Some people with childish "minds" are always on the alert to find any imagined offence particularly about their darlings.

Anonymous said...

When you set up a society that lives by being connected and your worth is determined by your peers you create a living hell even for the popular. What many kids do is turn off their emotions to keep from getting hurt and we are thusly creating a cadre of psychopaths. Recent attack around the globe have highlighted this.


Bird of Paradise said...

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Alpha Skua said...

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