Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Must not criticize official response to Muslim crimes

Former Big Brother winner Josie Gibson has been accused of racism after endorsing a controversial speech made by the former EDL leader.

The reality star posted a video of Tommy Robinson's address to the Oxford Union in which he claimed authorities were 'afraid' of standing up to extremism out of fears of being accused of racism.

Ms Gibson posted the video just one day after the Paris attacks, in which 132 people were killed and dozens more were injured. Posting the footage, she wrote: 'Before you're quick to shout "racist" watch this video'.

She then went on to say that the video was 'highlighting extremism' and 'coming up with a potential solution'.

When several people criticised her for giving credence to his views, she insisted the speech was 'not about targetting Muslims', adding: 'I live next door to a mosque, and have many Muslim friends it's about Islam extremists.'

The hour-long video shows the former far-right boss's controversial appearance at the union in 2014. 

During the speech, Mr Robinson told students about the roots of the EDL and claimed it was a response to the 'religious intolerance' of some Muslims in his home town of Luton, Bedfordshire.

He also accused the authorities of a 'two-tier system' in which Muslims with extreme views were allowed to 'get away' with crimes for which a white British man would be reprimanded.



Anonymous said...

Islam is basically evil !

Anonymous said...

Don't forget whatever happens - Islam is the religion of Peace!

Bird of Paradise said...

Muliculteralisms and diversity are the biggist problems along with the whining liberals

Anonymous said...

Every liberal who supports the Islamic invaders, step forward and take 2 into your homes.
Yeah, I though so. A bunch of lying, hypocritical, fools all.

Anonymous said...

The sad fact is he was right.
That has been shown in Rotherham/Rochdale/Birmingham and even in Hassidic schools in NYC.
Each time authorities failed to act on matters ranging from rape, grooming, discrimination and fraud - all for fear of being called racist.

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest and admit that Islam is not compatible with Western Society. Why aren't all these so-called refugees seeking asylum in Islamic countries if Islam is so good? As far as I am concerned if the Muslim society fails to integrate with the mainstream, fails to identify radicals/fundamentalists infiltrating western society then they are complicit with the terror attacks that are occurring. To deny that terrorists are also Islamists is to deny the truth and it is time society called for their removal in order to restore order and closed the door to Islamic immigrants forever.