Monday, November 23, 2015

No more "masters" at Princeton

"A rose by another name would smell as sweet"?  Not to Leftist fanatics

Princeton University has announced that it will discontinue the title of "master" for faculty members who help run Princeton's six residential colleges. The six colleges are Butler, Forbes, Mathey, Rockefeller, Whitman and Wilson.

"Master" has been a term used for these faculty members since the early 1980s. The former masters, who along with a dean, director of studies, director of student life and others operate the residential colleges, will now be called "head of college."

"I enthusiastically support the change adopted by our heads of college," Princeton President Christopher L. Eisgruber said. "The new title better describes their roles, and it does away with antiquated terminology that discomfited some students, faculty, and the heads of college themselves."

    "Though we are aware that the term 'master' has a long history of use in universities (indeed since medieval times), it seems to me by now to be anachronistic and unfortunate for the positions we hold," said Sandra Bermann, head of Whitman College, Cotsen Professor of the Humanities and professor of comparative literature. "We are glad to take on the designation as 'head of the college' that describes our role more aptly."



Anonymous said...

The Politically Correct are idiots !

Anonymous said...

So will they also be doing away with Master degrees?

Anonymous said...

So next will they change the "Masters Degree" into the "Morons Degree"? Or have they already done that and forgot to tell us?

I guess the old joke about BS Degree is BullSh!t, MS Degree is More Sh!t and a PHD is Piled Higher and Deeper has been turned into a truth.

Anonymous said...

How sad.
The term is still used in our Courts here - and it still has nothing to do with slavery.

Bird of Paradise said...

Stupidity at its most stupidists

Alpha Skua said...

So i suppose they still want to be able the scream KILL WHITEY and BLACK LIVES MATTER at the rest of us while we cant use the AN word?