Friday, November 06, 2015

Wrong to call killer illegals 'Banditos'?

Seems an apt word to me

In emotional testimony before a House joint panel this week, a Virginia man recalled the death of his teenage daughter in 2007 – a death caused by an illegal immigrant who was driving drunk and who had been arrested twice before the crime, but was not deported.

“Two years ago this week, my 16-year-old daughter, Tessa, and her best friend Allison were killed as they were sitting at in intersection waiting for a red light to change,” Ray Tranchant said, as friends placed a photograph of Tessa Tranchant on an easel behind him.

Since his daughter’s death, Tranchant, a professor from VIrginia Beach, has become an advocate for the enforcement of immigration law.

On Thursday, as Tranchant applauded local law enforcement in Virginia for its increased efforts to work with federal immigration authorities since his daughter’s death, he referred to individuals listed on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s database of illegal aliens with criminal backgrounds as “banditos.”

That comment drew a rebuff from Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.).

“Mr. Tranchant, can I share with you as the father of two daughters, I thank you for bringing your testimony here, but I suggest to you that if we refer to people as banditos, as you referred to them in your testimony, it does not help to solve the problem,” Gutierrez said.



Stan B said...

noun - North American
plural noun: banditos

a Mexican bandit, especially as represented in movies and popular culture.


Anonymous said...

Gutierrez should be quite familiar with banditos. His Chicago district is home to many of them, particularly those of the drug trafficing kind.

Anonymous said...

Most democrats want more banditos since they are part of their base constituency. The great zero is now advocating that when they get out of prison they get government jobs. Money for votes is the unofficial motto of the progressives.


Anonymous said...

Well, Rep. Gutierrez, for once, he got your attention.

Bird of Paradise said...

Can anyone remember the Frito Bandito?

Alpha Skua said...

When some of Pancho Villas goons invaded New Mexico back just before WW I a young officer(Patton)personaly killed two ot tree of villias top goons

Anonymous said...

Most people won't read the entire article, but you should.

There are more "words of wisdom" such as:

Antonia Ramirez, a community activist from Frederick, Maryland, said that even though he and many of his fellow Hispanics are citizens, they are often the victims of discrimination. He said illegal aliens often refuse to report crimes and even suffer abuse because they fear their families will be separated by deportation.

So illegal aliens are victims of crime because of their own crime? And that is the fault of honest people how?


But Rep. Gutierrez said he thought the committee was “missing the point.”

“I think we’re missing the point of the testimony here this morning and just so we have it very clear, no one ever has debated, promoted law that does not deport drunks, that does not deport rapists and murderers,” Gutierrez said. “Part of the problem is, it’s been said here by some of my colleagues on the other side -- enforce the law.”

“This Congress and the government of the United States has not shown the political will nor committed the requisite resources to enforce the immigration law,” he said. “The only way to really do that is to have comprehensive immigration reform. You either sweep millions and millions of people off the streets of the United States of America, which no one is going to propose. So it’s always a little disingenuous to me when people say only enforce the law.”

Well, the Obama administration has advocated only deporting felons which would not include "drunks."

So who is being disingenuous?

Anonymous said...

If the law had been enforced decades ago the today's problem would not exist. How about deporting progressives to Russia and China where some of their ideas would be popular, those that don't involve drugs, LGBT, illegal immigration and so forth.

Anonymous said...

10:03 you can't deport people to countries they don't come from!

Jub Jub Bird said...

How about calling them DEMACRAT'S instead