Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yale Students Protest, Disrupt, Pro-Free Speech Event

No respect for free speech where Leftists dominate

Students at Yale on Saturday protested—and in one case disrupted—an event held by the William F. Buckley, Jr. Program that was designed to highlight the importance of freedom of speech.

According to a report in the Yale Daily News “several attendees were spat on” by the protestors.

The targets of the protest and disruption were participating in the Buckley Program’s “Fifth Annual Conference on the Future of Free Speech: Threats in Higher Education and Beyond.”

The conference is held in keeping with the program’s mission “to expand political discourse on campus and to expose students to often-unvoiced views.”

One of the attendees—James Panero, executive editor of The New Criterion--tweeted out two videoclips of the proceedings. One shows students in a hallway chanting in unison “genocide is not a joke” as conference attendees file quietly by so they can leave the lecture hall.

The other shows a student shouting at one of the speakers at the conference and physically resisting the efforts of a security officer to remove him from the room.

The Yale Daily News, citing Buckley Fellows (Yale students who participate in the program), reported that protestors spat on conference attendees as they departed.



Anonymous said...

It is time to cleanse to colleges in the US once and for all of the ridiculous leftist ideologies the decry free speech because someone may be offended. If your speech doesn't offend these idiots then you are one of them.

Anonymous said...

protestors spat on conference attendees as they departed.

Really nice mature people.

Anonymous said...

Spitting is considered assault and if the perpetrator has a communicable disease the charge goes up (spittle in the eye is a good disease vector). I doubt these morons will be prosecuted but they definitely broke the law.


Bird of Paradise said...

I would be in favor of totaly cutting off all funding of these collages and universities that do such unconstitutional things like this a mean 100% cut off

Alpha Skua said...

Please crawl back under your rocks and go live with your own kind you vermin

Moonbird said...

As Mr Howell(Jim Bacus)on Gilligans Island pointed out Yale Men were totaly uncivilized