Thursday, November 26, 2015

Generation Eggshell is Heavily Opposed to Free Speech

This is disconcerting. Generation Eggshell Psyche has arrived, and, according to Pew Pesearch,  they don't want to hear your thoughts on the matter:

When asked whether the government should intervene if citizens say something that might be considered offensive to minorities, 40% of millennials [ages 18-34] agreed. This is, of course, still a minority of respondents, but when compared to those of the previous generations (even just the last), it is still an incredibly significant figure.

Only 27% of Gen Xers, 24% of Baby Boomers, and 12% of Silent Generation respondents agreed that the state should control and limit potentially offensive speech, so the comparative increase among the youth of disregard for the 1st Amendment should be a major cause for concern.

This is simply the result of what most journalists on the right have been saying for years. Freedom of speech is under attack, not by direct legislation, but by erasing the value of freedom of expression in schools and colleges. Students of today do not want a free discussion if anything said could hurt someone’s feelings (unless you’re straight, male, and white; then fire away).

The study also revealed that nearly twice as many Democrats were in favor of limiting free speech (35%) in comparison to Republicans (18%).

Perhaps these are the wages of prosperity. A society that's become so wealthy and healthy that the only thing kids have to fear is being offended.



Anonymous said...

The poor, delicate children must not be distressed; and everything that they want must be given to them at someone else's expense,

Anonymous said...

There is no inherent right not to be offended and the Machiavellian subterfuge of the progressives to pass this off as equality or compassion is simply suppression of ideas they do not want disseminated. Progressives believe they can trash any ideas they want as intolerant but cannot see the absurdity of being intolerant of intolerance.


Anonymous said...

Children and youth are taught to offended and to be overly sensitive to minorities being offended, by their teachers, school counsellors, youth workers, ........

It is the lefty manipulators that are doing it.

I was a primary school counsellor for a few years (and have counselled in many other environments too, hospitals, prisons, secondary schools, general community, private....) and every Friday each class in years 5 and 6 would have "circle time" where the class puts their chairs in a circle (except one chair in the middle that has a box of tissues on it) and grievances are expressed and every child in the circle is encouraged to feel offended about something, to voice their offendedness and to blame someone else for their own emotions, all carefully presented as if helping to build "emotional regulation", "resilience", and to develop a sense of "restitutional" and "social justice". The question, "And how did that make you feel?" is put to every child who mentions some event or interaction from during the week, whether it was in or out of school, and the children are encourage to say it made them feel sad, hurt, unhappy,...etc - all unpleasant emotions. If they don't mention an unpleasant emotion then the teacher with the counsellor's assistance is to press the child a little harder to encourage them to mention an unpleasant emotion. The children soon learn what is expected of them. Boys are encouraged to cry, and to feel guilty for the emotions of others. I could tell plenty of stories of leftist manipulation of children in such sessions that would make any conservative cry from sorrow. Yet leftists are proud of themselves for it. A session that I would call cruel, they call successful and talk about it proudly. The parents often object to religious education but what is going on in "circle time" is tragic. Most parents don't even know it is happening. Of course not all teachers and counsellors involved in it are manipulative leftists but most are. And those who are not leftists dare not reveal themselves if they value their jobs. They have to work carefully and cautiously, like undercover operatives behind enemy lines, trying to counter the damage being done without getting found out. But it is like trying to hold back the tide.

Anonymous said...

Amen 7:50 PM

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how many people are surveyed about free speech and how it should be controlled. Until the law is changed free speech is unabridged regardless of court decisions until an amendment to the constitution is passed. Even the President can not stop free speech at his whim regardless of his executive privileges.