Sunday, November 22, 2015

Harvard Students Decry ‘Hate Crime’ After Tape Found On Black Profs’ Portraits

Another provocation, most likely from the Left

Students at Harvard University are denouncing an alleged hate crime at the school after strips of black tape were found over portraits of Harvard Law School (HLS)’s black professors Thursday morning. But there are several aspects of the supposed “hate crime” that suggest it could be a big hoax.

HLS’s Wasserstein Hall includes a small portrait of every single tenured faculty member at the school, but Thursday morning small black strips of tape were found covering the faces of every black professor’s portrait. The vandalism was discovered sometime before 8:30 a.m., when the first notices of the vandalism began appearing on Facebook and Twitter:

The strips of tape are already being actively denounced as a savage hate crime by Harvard students.

HLS dean Martha Minow immediately called a meeting of the school’s students and staff to discuss the incident, and announced it is under police investigation.

While activists on Facebook and Twitter are quickly denouncing the tape as a sign of the hate that lurks beneath the surface at Harvard, the possibility must be considered that the hate crime is a hoax or false flag. Bogus hate crimes have occurred with some frequency on college campuses.

One particularly noteworthy red flag is that the black tape used to deface the portraits appears to be identical to tape that was recently used by activists affiliated with the Royall Must Fall group protesting against HLS’s current seal (which is taken from the coat of arms of the slaveholding family that endowed HLS’s first professorship).



Anonymous said...

The students clearly have too much free time; they need more homework.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't be the firs time a black person staged something like this to rile people up.

Anonymous said...

The left are becoming the ISIL of the west as their intolerance and zealotry know no bounds in order to get their way in society. Democracy is an unknown term to these loonies. BLM is an example of the hatred by the left.

Bird of Paradise said...

Oh go back to your little play pens you whining little snots

Alpha Skua said...

How many so called Hate Crimes have been totaly faked? probibly more then you can count on both your fingers and little tootsies