Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A feminist who's madder than most

She even thinks she is pretty! Probably just an attention-seeker.  Picking on the peaceful and immensely civilized Kiwis sure is strange

'I dare you to find someone prettier than me': US blogger Cassidy Boon who linked the haka with domestic violence slams New Zealand for getting upset by saying it has Gollum-looking chicks all over the place'

A 20-year-old American woman who has criticised New Zealanders for their pronunciation and compared the traditional haka to domestic violence is taking her third swing at the Kiwis.

Blogger Cassidy Boon, who has already caused an uproar in New Zealand for her Youtube rants, is daring the kiwis to find a girl who they believe it better looking than herself.

In her new video tirade, posted to her more than 2,000 subscribers, Cassidy claims that finding New Zealander that is prettier than her will be difficult because there are ‘horrible, gross, Gollum looking chicks all over that damn place.’

‘If you’re a kiwi girl and you think you’re prettier than me, Cassidy Boon, I think you should take a picture of yourself, upload it and tag it with the hashtag #PrettierthanBoonNZ and post it all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – you know, wherever, I don’t care.’

Outraged commenters have called her a ‘laughing stock’ and told her she needs help.



Use the Name, Luke said...

She's either a really bad satirist, or madder than the hatter. Neither option is good.

Anonymous said...

She's a sad attention-seeker who shouldnt be encouraged by feed-back and the resulting undeserved global "fame".

Anonymous said...

Another attention seeking plain cow of a woman. She's jealous because on her best day she is just average looking.

Bird of Paradise said...


Anonymous said...

She is making money off of the hits her rants get. Of course she is going to make outrageous statements that get people riled up. She wants people to post and get her name out there.

Why work when you can run your mouth and be a jerk?

Anonymous said...

I have seen prettier sheep in New Zealand than her. Sad, sorry specimen of femininity.