Thursday, November 12, 2015

British social worker uses n-word, loses job

A social worker who asked for her coffee to be made 'n***** brown' escaped with a caution after a panel accepted she was only referring to the strength of her hot drink.

Nichola Taylor was working for Stoke Council when she made the racist remark in a communal kitchen.

A colleague was so concerned she made a note of it and raised the matter with bosses who launched an investigation, prompting Taylor's dismissal last year.

Taylor had worked for Stoke Council since September 2007 and was appointed to the position of operational lead within the authority's Learning Disabilities Team in May 2011.

She was in a communal kitchen when the colleague asked how she liked her coffee on December 11, 2013, the Health and Care Professions Council heard.

'Ms Taylor told her colleague that she would like her coffee 'n*****-brown',' said Tom Orpin-Massey for the HCPC.

'The HCPC say this statement was racist and that it constitutes misconduct and as a result of that misconduct her fitness to practise is impaired.

Taylor denied the comment it was racist - citing Guy Gibson's dog in 1955 movie classic The Dam Busters as an example.

The social worker also highlighted the use of the word in certain music genres and pointed to its historic use in the textile industry which she was previously employed in.

Taylor was sacked by the council for gross misconduct after an investigation last June and was handed a caution order following a hearing at the HCPC.

'The panel has accepted that this racist phrase was used in relation to the strength of a cup of coffee,' said HCPC panel chair Claire Bonnet.

'It was not used as a descriptor of an individual nor directed at an individual.

Taylor, who was present and represented at the hearing, will have her HCPC registration marked with a caution order for a period of one year. 



Anonymous said...

A ridiculously extreme response to a mere word said in a kitchen that wasn't referring to a person or a group but only in reference to a shade of brown. What has the World come to - it's like the old East Germany.

Anonymous said...

I had some frijoles negros last night for dinner. Oh, the humanity!

Anonymous said...

Big brother will oversee her life from now on. One more flippant remark and she will be branded for life. Meanwhile non-whites can make as many racist remarks as they like without any fear of retribution. They can even rape white women of any age and any investigation will immediately shut down when the perpetrator is identified as non-white. Meanwhile in the rest of the world it is open season on Christians. When is enough actually enough for the western world to shut down those who prey on women, particularly Islamists who have only contempt for authority in the UK and Europe? When will the cowardly politicians draw a line in the sand?

Anonymous said...

@ 5:03 AM.

The western world is becoming more like Zimbabwe than eastern Europe under the communists.

Bird of Paradise said...

Just be happy were no longer a part of the british weenie empire King Richard the Lion hearth Admaral Horatio Nelson and Winston Churchill are spinning in their graves

Alpha Skua said...

No free speach in the European Soviet Union