Thursday, November 05, 2015

Gin And Tonic flavoured crisps 'totally irresponsible'?

A police officer who works in an alcohol harm reduction unit has been ridiculed online after branding a packet of gin and tonic-flavoured crisps 'totally irresponsible'.

PC Claire McNaney, of Durham Constabulary, came under fire on Twitter after she shared a picture of Aldi's Gin and Tonic crisps and showed her disapproval by claiming they 'give out the wrong message'.

She posted on Twitter today: 'Totally irresponsible product @AldiUK, what message does this give out to people, especially children?'

The crisps are currently available to buy in Aldi supermarkets, which also sell a Red Wine & Thyme flavour.

However, instead of supporting the officer's views, dozens of Twitter users responded with outrage – telling her to 'get a grip' and pointing out numerous other alcohol-related flavours such as steak and ale.

One Twitter follower, writing under the name OObnoxio The Nutter, replied to her message by saying: 'Get a grip woman, people who binge drink aren't doing it on crisps'

Another Twitter user, called Mylo, added: 'While we're at it can we also ban.. steak & ale pies, shandy, beer batter and f*** it.. wine gums!'

John Duncan said: 'Presumably you are against wine gums too....'

Aldi also took to Twitter to respond to the message, writing: 'We're very sorry to hear you feel this way, and we'll be sure to pass your feedback onto the relevant department.'

A spokesman later told MailOnline: 'Our delicious gin and tonic flavoured crisps are part of our exciting and extensive Christmas range. We’re confident that our customers will really like their unique flavour.'



Bird of Paradise said...

Every time they comme out with a new snack food the wheatgerm inhailers start their annoying whining

Anonymous said...

Hope the decide to market them in Australia. Time to tell the wowsers to POQ.

Alpha Skua said...

Consumer watchdog twats like Marion Nestly,Ralph Nader,Micheal Jacobson and Jeremy Rifkin should just Go Pound Sand