Monday, November 30, 2015

Puppets must not be black

A CHILDREN’S puppet show was suspended after complaints a black puppet looked like it was wearing a Muslim hijab and was racially offensive.

Kidzania London suspended Thursday’s performance of the show while it investigated a complaint made by a father who had taken his family to celebrate his daughter’s eighth birthday.

Pappi Ndelu, from Wandsworth, south-west London, said: “As an ethnic minority living in London, I was shocked and embarrassed to watch a racist children’s puppet show that is culturally insensitive towards black people and Muslims.”

The show, which is performed at the company’s indoor amusement park in Westfield Shopping Centre, west London, depicts a puppet called Shadow being bullied by two white puppets. The puppet is completely covered in a black sheet with just spaces for eyes.

Mr Ndelu said: "It looked like the character Shadow was wearing a hijab, they started saying Shadow was scary and black and ugly.

“The two white puppets started talking about how they have a problem with Shadow's appearance. “The language that was being used by the two white puppets was frightening and appalling.

“This really made me feel uncomfortable being a black African father seated right in the front row.”



Anonymous said...

Black people and Muslims are not much of a minority in London - in some areas they are the majority.

Anonymous said...

Some black people should stop working so hard at being "black".

Anonymous said...

Black people need to stop getting offended every time they see something that reminds them of themselves.

Malcolm Smith said...

It looks like The Phantom Blot in the Mickey Mouse comics.

Anonymous said...

How is it racists? Not all black people are Muslim and not Muslims are black so where is the racial element? Sounds like stereotyping of white people by blacks to me. Maybe the white people present can visualise an AK-47 on the black puppet. Not hard to do these days.

Anonymous said...

I guess my black trash bags should be outlawed because when they are full and tied shut, they look like a Muslim woman wearing a Burka.

Bird of Paradise said...

Blacks need to worry more about crime and putting food on the table and less about puppets