Friday, November 20, 2015

More hate-speech hokum

Most episodes like this have in the past ended up being traced to Leftist attention-seekers so that has to be the default conclusion on this occasion

 Valdosta State University’s interim president has issued a statement condemning what he referred to as "hate speech" graffiti.

The graffiti was reportedly found Tuesday on a campus bathroom stall and the university has announced an investigation of the incident and the creation of a diversity task force.

A photo of the graffiti scrawled in red marker ink circulated on social media. Posters claimed the message, that included a swastika, was found in the school’s Nevins Hall.

The hastags “#mizzoustudentsarecrybabies” and “#whitelivesmatter” were written on the bathroom stall in what is being viewed as apparent opposition to recent protests at the University of Missouri that resulted in the resignation of the school’s president.

“This morning an act of intolerance occurred on our campus. The nature of this incident is an inappropriate example of speech that does not reflect the code to which we hold ourselves – The Blazer Creed,” said Cecil P. Staton, VSU interim president, in a released statement.

The university is conducting two separate investigations as the result of the incident. The school will not be issuing any further statements about the incident until those investigations are completed, Staton said Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

To leftists free speech is the equivalent of hate speech if doesn't support their narrative.

Anonymous said...

That free speech at a university isn't even safe when confined to bathroom stalls should be reason for concern.