Friday, July 17, 2015

UK: Must not joke about fat women

A mayor is being investigated after he made a 'derogatory' remark about women in the town he represents having 'fat bottoms' as he publicly introduced a Queen tribute act.

Francis Purdue-Horan provoked outrage with the comment which he made just before Queen tribute act Mercury were about to perform at a music festival in Bingham, Nottinghamshire.

As Mr Purdue-Horan welcomed the band to the stage, he announced he had arranged for them to sing Queen's 1978 hit Fat Bottomed Girls 'for all the girls of Bingham'.

However, female residents failed to see the funny side and have now called on Mr Purdue-Horan to apologise.

Kelly Rayner said: 'As the Mayor of Rushcliffe he should have thought about what he was saying. 'I think he has lost a lot of Bingham folks' respect.'  And Carol Morley, who also lives in the market town, described the remark as 'derogatory'.



Anonymous said...

The song is actually a tribute to fat bottomed girls who make the rockin world go round. It is not the fat bottomed part (since the majority of UK “girls are overweight, this is accurate) but the implication that they are sexually promiscuous that is probably causing the uproar.


Bird of Paradise said...

Creeping socialism the soviet union isnt as dead as we were told

Stan B said...

The problem is, that "fat bottom" doesn't help protect their poor little egos at all.

Anonymous said...

She has Kim Kardashian's arse. If it be the truth then the problems lay with the women who resemble that fact. Denying the truth does not change it, just makes other truths less believable. If they are sexually promiscuous it is probably to overcome the usual "does my arse look big in this" question. No man who wants to maintain his libido will say yes to that loaded question.

Anonymous said...

If you don't have a fat bottom the song doesn't apply to you, and if you do then you make the rocking world go round.'
What's the problem here?
Serious humour deficiency in Bingham.

Alpha Skua said...

That means the opera will go on forver becuase they wont allow the fat lady to sing