Sunday, July 19, 2015

'Curvy' is a naughty word

According to Instagram's acceptable search terms, posting photos when you're #thin or #skinny is OK - but not so much if you're #curvy.

The picture sharing app has outraged many plus-size women by banning users from searching for the #curvy hastag.

While the company claims that the ban is in place because the hashtag often includes photographs that violate its nudity policies, several other hashtags that are seemingly more likely to include risqué images, like #noclotheson and #vaginas, are still acceptable search terms.

As reported by Buzzfeed, Instagram began banning searches for the hashtag because, a spokesperson claimed, too many people were using it to share too-revealing images that didn't comply with Instagram's nudity guidelines.

But while Instagram has focused on a word that many other users, including plus-size models and bloggers, use to empower women to be confident about their bodies, they've left other, arguably more sexually-charged, hashtags untouched.

Users can still look up #nipplepiercing, #hooker, and #vajayjay, as well as several other words and phrases that seem likely to turn up inappropriate content.



Anonymous said...

If they persist in censorship they will lose their audience very quickly as they should.

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