Monday, July 06, 2015

Naughty Pebbles points out the obvious

Gossip columnist and Kiwi socialite, Pebbles Hooper, has tastelessly labelled the death of a young family as 'natural selection.'

The 25-year-old - daughter of New Zealand fashion designers Denise L Estrange-Corbet and Francis Hooper-  made the shocking and tasteless statement via her Twitter account on Saturday after the bodies of Cindy George and her three children Pio, Teuruaa and Telyzshaun were found in their Ashburton home.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the mother and her children, aged between five and two-years-old, died when the family car was left running in their garage, sending deadly gases into the home through a connecting door.

'I'll get major slack for this, but leaving a car running inside a closed garage while you're (sic) kids are in the house is natural selection,' the opinionated media identity wrote to her 6,800-strong Twitter following.

The tweet was quickly deleted when she started receiving backlash, but not before she tried to defend her words.



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately society goes out it's way to prevent natural selection and as a consequence society becomes more stupid and vulnerable to extinction.

Anonymous said...

Liberal "logic" example #1: See, see, if we all had electric cars this would never have happened.

Liberal "logic" example #2: The building of new garages must be banned and the doors must be removed from extant garages.

Hasn't happened you say. Just give it a bit of time.

Bird of Paradise said...

Darwinian poppycock just how stupid are these darwinists freakos?