Tuesday, July 07, 2015

An Australian car with "inappropriate" number identification

A CAR with licence plates spruiking an inappropriate internet slang term has been spotted driving through northeast Melbourne, despite VicRoads staff checking every custom plate for inappropriate language.

The blue Holden with the custom plate “FAP2IT” was seen on Manningham Rd, Bulleen, on Wednesday night. The term “fap” is common internet slang for masturbating, popularised when the mass leaking of nude celebrity photos last year was dubbed “The Fappening”.

Car owner Daniel Van Der Horst said he had had the plates for a few months and VicRoads had approved his application without issue.  “Who is it offensive to?” he said.

Mr Van Der Horst said he had dozens of people taking photos of the car every day and no one had ever expressed any offence.

He said VicRoads’ pledge to potentially recall his plates was “a bit far-fetched”.

VicRoads commercial enterprises and business development executive director Adrian Tofful said they would review the “FAP2IT” combination and recall the plate if necessary.



Bird of Paradise said...

All these stupid liberals can do these days is WHINE,WHINE,WHINE no wonder they have those irritating voices

Olaf Koenders said...

If it's not a commercial vehicle or used in such a manner it's a "private conveyance" and requires no licensing, insurance or registration. Mine doesn't and therefore isn't. Either make up your own plate or simply don't have one.

Registration is required for commercial gain on public highways, that's all.

Registration transfers superior ownership to the State and therefore if you do anything contrary to their codes and rules they'll take "your" car off you.

Common law is above statute in all cases. I have the common law right to do as I please without harming another. Statutes can go to hell - I do not consent.