Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Former Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson is blasted for sly joke

The offence is in the mind of the hearers.  "Fudge-packing" is slang for anal sex, which could be heterosexual

Jeremy Clarkson was today accused of being homophobic after tweeting a poor-taste joke about being sacked by the BBC.

The 55-year-old posted a photo of himself and Richard Hammond outside the Margaret River Fudge Factory in Australia with the caption: 'We have got jobs at last. Here. As packers'.

His joke was a nod to a phrase commonly considered a slur used to describe gay men, and has caused uproar.

A spokesman for gay rights charity Stonewall said: ‘We can’t quite see Clarkson in the confectionery industry, maybe it’s the sour taste that his racist and homophobic slurs leave. All we can see him packing up at the moment is his career.’

The star was sacked earlier this year after punching a BBC producer in a row over a steak and his two former co-hosts have also decided to leave the corporation.



Bird of Paradise said...

Q. How many liberals dose it take to screw in a lightbulb? A. None they prefer to live in the dark

Anonymous said...

The gay grievance industry goes into overdrive yet again over a comment that could apply to heterosexuals as much as it could apply to homosexuals. Shut up and get over it. You have mainstream acceptance which means you are now entitled to mainstream humour. Get over it.

Alpha Skua said...

Q. Whats the diffrence between a liberal and a puppy? A. The puppy stops whining when it grows up

Vulture said...

Q. What's the difference between Bird of Paradise and a bucket of feces?
A. The bucket.