Friday, July 17, 2015

Must not make bad guys look like Jews

A Samsung company on Wednesday removed online cartoons attacking a US hedge fund's founder as a ravenous, big-beaked vulture after Jewish organisations protested similar smears in South Korea's media.

The hedge fund, Elliott, is opposing a takeover deal between two Samsung companies that critics say will ensure the current generation of Samsung's founding family retains control over South Korea's biggest conglomerate.

Samsung C&T, one of the Samsung firms involved in the takeover, posted cartoons online that depicted Elliott's founder Paul Singer as a vulture-like figure. In one scene, Singer is depicted hiding an axe behind his back while taking money from a man in ragged clothes.

The cartoons were displayed for several weeks on a website set up by Samsung C&T to argue the merits of the takeover deal.

Samsung C&T said the cartoons were a sensitive issue and asked The Associated Press not to publish a story before a crucial shareholder meeting.

It later issued a statement saying offence was unintentional. "We categorically denounce anti-Semitism in all its forms, and we are committed to respect for all individuals," the statement said.



Anonymous said...

Koreans are as bad as the Japanese on despising anyone who is not a racially pure Korean so this is nothing new. The Nazi's had nothing on these two cultures on the racial purity aspect.


Bird of Paradise said...

Darth Vader was a Liberal

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the headline should have read "Must not make the Jews look like bad guys" instead. The original headline seems to be the aim of many political interests these days especially the Whitehouse.