Thursday, July 09, 2015

Australian bureaucrat wears Confederate-themed shirt -- gets prize

Australia is not America

THE decision of a senior Northern Territory bureaucrat to wear a Confederate flag to a recent dinner was totally inappropriate, Senator Nova Peris says.

MARK Coffey, the NT manager in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, won best dressed man at the annual Central Australian Beef Breeders dinner on Saturday in a shirt emblazoned with the Confederate flag, the American Civil War emblem linked to white supremacy and racism.

"We're trying to move on from those days, we're trying to build a more inclusive country.... I think wearing that - I call it a costume - you have to think you're going to draw criticism, and rightly so," Ms Peris said.


Nova Peris is black


Bird of Paradise said...

Nova Paris needs to stop their mindless clucking and keep their nose to themselves

Anonymous said...

Nova Peris is the same person who used taxpayer money to pay for her lover to come and visit her.
She is hardly one to talk about appropriate behaviour.

Alpha Skua said...

Nova Peris just another liberal ding-bat with a walnut sized brain