Monday, July 13, 2015

Conflict over Confederate flag spreads to Capitol Hill

The conflict over the Confederate flag spread to Capitol Hill Thursday in a politically-charged and emotionally-draining display from both House Democrats and Republicans, who accused each other of using the controversial and thorny topic as political leverage to advance their own agendas.

House Republicans abruptly abandoned plans to vote on a spending bill that included a provision to allow flying the Confederate flag in cemeteries operated by the National Park Service.

The vote would have reversed action the House had taken only hours earlier to ban the flags and underscores how toxic the fight over the flag – as well as other symbols linked to the Confederacy – has become.

“I actually think it is time for some adults here in the Congress to actually sit down and have a conversation about how to address this issue,” House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said. “I do not want this to become some political football. It should not. So I would expect you will see some conversations in the coming days.”

About an hour later, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., offered legislation to remove all state flags containing any portion of the Confederate battle flag emblem from the House side of the Capitol.

Republican lawmakers prevented the vote by referring it to a committee, while Boehner’s spokesman, Kevin Smith, accused Pelosi of pulling a “cheap political stunt.”

When the dust settled, any real action to continue or prohibit flying the Confederate flag on park service land appeared far off.



Anonymous said...

The only flag that Pelosi would have removed would be the Mississippi State flag. Oh well, you can't expect much from Ms. We-gotta-pass-it-so-we-know-what's-in-it Pelosi.


Anonymous said...

When will congress ban the ISIL flag and others that American citizens have been murdered under? This whole issue is political and is dividing the country needlessly.

Bird of Paradise said...

A flag for the liberals a white flag with a chicken on it