Sunday, July 26, 2015

Must not use expressions that SOUND LIKE bad words

L'Oreal Australia has been forced to pull advertising on one of their products amid complaints their tagline sounded too much like swear words.

The ad, for Garnier Fructis Full & Luscious hair range, featured the tagline 'F'n'L!' - a nod to its 'full' and 'luscious' product.

A number of viewers complained to the Advertising Standards Board, claiming 'F 'n' L!' sounded too much like 'effin' hell' and it was inappropriate for children.

'I am deeply offended by the pronunciation of the loud F'n'L, it is obviously intended to sound like a swear word and I do not want my young children to overhear the ad and repeat it,' read one complaint to the Advertising Standards Board.

The ad features a women walking through an office environment with her hair billowing around her head.

A male colleague comments: 'F 'n' L!' as she passes, before falling off his chair.



Jay Bee said...

Sounds like the US. How unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

Her children are probably already familiar with many real swear words, vulgarities, and obscenities.

Use the Name, Luke said...

I can't imagine how such a similarity could be accidental, let alone unrecognized. It makes me wonder why a major brand would even want to flirt with vulgarity.

Anonymous said...

FnL is what I say every time another prude voices their opinion, never on their own behalf but always on behalf of some imaginary friend.

Anonymous said...

That kind of thing is considered witty Down Under but the prudes/prigs in the US (as 7:49 alludes to) think otherwise (like that arch-prig "Use the Name, Luke said".

Bird of Paradise said...

Stand Up Comedians that use bathroom jokes need to get their mouths washed out