Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Police must not say they like their work

Millions of posts hit social media sites each day, but a few from a Minneapolis police officer are getting a lot of attention after he wrote: "3 murders in 3 days and it's not even warm yet. This could be a busy year finally."

"Racism and glorifying murders is not the thing that I want my kids to look up to," Alicia Lucio admitted.

When Lucio commented that it seemed like Klimmek might be praising the murder rate, he simply responded, "The last few years were slow."

"The last few years have not been 'slow,'" she insisted. "I have, unfortunately, attended many funerals myself. To see them feel as though they need more to do when there's plenty of things they could be doing is really disconcerting."

Another mother who wishes to remain anonymous told Fox 9 News she was also concerned after seeing some of Klimmek's posts.

"It's not the kind of field where you would hope for a busy time," she said.



Stan B said...

Officers have to be careful. The truth is, Police Work is primarily REACTIONARY. That is, they REACT to the actions of the unlawful. Therefore, when people behave, boredom is a real issue. However, the prospect of an "active murder season," however promising it may be to the police officer in question, should never be voiced as a "positive" thing.

Anonymous said...

More whining from the over-sensitive, forever looking for offensive liberal idiots!

Anonymous said...

More blowback from the professionally aggrieved, a waste of electrons.


Anonymous said...

I can see how it was distasteful to seem to be wanting more murders - but I can't see how the comment was racist?