Sunday, March 16, 2014

No free speech in Ireland

Last week, I was invited by a group of students to speak at the National University of Ireland Galway to make the case for a “No” vote in a looming referendum on boycotting the State of Israel.

I accepted the offer. What happened next was not pretty. Watch this 40-second video, but be warned: as they say, explicit language from the start.

Galway’s President Browne – no doubt horrified that the You Tube video has been seen by 41,000 people so far and has associated the university with thuggery – is appalled. He has promised an immediate investigation followed by action to ensure the campus public square is protected for all.

Perhaps some of those students at Galway will be disciplined. Perhaps one of them deserves to be. But I blame the parents; the intellectual parents, that is.

The real culprits are the anti-Israel intellectuals who are driving those students mad. They tell the students that Zionism is racism, while its creation, Israel, has “ethnically cleansed” the Arabs, built an “apartheid state” and is now carrying out a slow “genocide” in Gaza. Stuff a young idealist's head with that kind of rubbish and do not be surprised if the result is hatred and thuggery.



Disillusioned said...

Perhaps the so called intellectuals who teach these thugs should actually find out how many Arabs have been ethnically cleansed in Israel compared to the real ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christians in Muslim countries. Pretty hard to endorse BDS when the truth is revealed and acknowledged.

Anonymous said...

ignorant morons. yet they'll welcome the British over. lol