Friday, March 28, 2014

Australia: Truth telling teacher fired

A Darwin school teacher has been stood down after allegedly posting a Facebook rant the day after a student killed himself, in which he described the teenager as a "bully" and a "disrespectful little brat".

The Northern Territory Department of Education said the teacher's alleged actions were disrespectful and would not be tolerated, after his message was widely circulated and heavily criticised on social media this week.

The Facebook post reads: “You were a bully to kids smaller and younger than yourself, I saw you intimidate, stand over and beat up on younger kids (never anyone your own size).

“You made life hell for genuine students wanting to learn and teachers trying to teach.

"You were a moody, disrespectful little brat in and away from school who was always given excuses by your parents and soft people in authority. Your [sic] gone, good no sympathy or empathy from me ...”



Anonymous said...

Truth or not it has long been a good idea to not speak ill of the dead.

For public individuals that is not so strong a rule but for a private individuals it is still a rule to follow. If that youngster was anywhere near as bad as the teacher says his family was probably already quite aware of that.

Much better to have kept his mouth (or keyboard) shut and just breath a sign of relief.

Anonymous said...

Most of my relatives are teachers and because of the liberal teaching system in the USA they see a lot of these parentally enabled misfits damaging other students and the education process. When one OD’s or is shot and killed by a fellow gang banger it is referred to as a “Darwin Decision” and though they might hope for more of them that can never be voiced except in private secure company.


Anonymous said...

If that youngster was anywhere near as bad as the teacher says his family was probably already quite aware of that.

Not only that, but the school would be aware of that because the teacher would have or should have reported it or acted upon it. It would be in the school's records.

After all, the teacher wrote, "...I saw you intimidate, stand over and beat up on younger kids (never anyone your own size)."

While I believe that "bullying" is overstated and a charge that is overused, if this teacher - this adult - saw something that he thought was bullying and was a physical attack on some kid, he had a duty to stop the attack and then report it.

If the teacher has the truth on his side, then he should not be fired. If he doesn't and is making this up, he should be let go.

Let the truth come out.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:50, THAT mentality is why nothing changes.

We remain silent when we should speak up. The teacher should only have spoken up sooner.

Stefan v BBotAS said...

Agreed, if said child was indeed as described, then gutless teacher is also on the spot for not caning his heinie into glowing peaceful obedience. Extra points for a stripe or too for the clowns that gifted the world such a coward. No sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the teacher did speak up and nothing happened. "Oh my little dear would never do that!" I wouldn't be surprised. When my son was in grade school, one of his classmates was the son of one of the teachers and he was mean and disruptive and the teachers had a hard time dealing with him because of the parents. Too bad the teacher felt he had to publicly say what he felt.

Disillusioned said...

The fact that this happened in Darwin probably indicates that the child may have been Aboriginal or another untouchable minority. Even if the teacher has reported past misdeeds and received no support from the system he is stupid to open his mouth and vent his criticisms the way he did. At best he has undermined the educational system in the NT. At worst it makes him part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:49,

If the teacher said something it would be documented. If it was not documented by the school, he should have documented it himself. How hard is it to write in a lesson plan "spoke to Principal Jones about Johnny beating up Alex?"

I think there is more to this story than meets the eye of "teacher says something nasty on social media."

Anonymous said...

The fact that the teacher mentioned that this particular scion of hell was always supported and excused by his parents and "soft people in authority" makes it pretty certain that the teacher did intervene when he saw abuse happening but that the people who should have cut his behavior short let hem get away with it instead.

It can in fact be argued that the reason he killed himself is because he found no authoritative bounds he could live within and gave up.

Uno Hu said...

Teaching is one of those professions where certain restrictions on one's private behavior comes with the territory. It may or may not be "right", but it is fact.

Teachers, as well as others in similar professions, would be well advised to establish posting accounts anonymously or under a pseudonym. This comment will appear under the nom de plume Uno Hu. I do this now simply to maintain a consistent on-line identity, however while I was gainfully employed by others I used it to allow free expression of politically incorrect thoughts for which my employer might catch grief that would subsequently be redistributed to me.