Monday, March 24, 2014

Must not praise whiteness

An African singer behind a skin-bleaching cream called 'Whitenicious' has tried to justify the name of her product in a TV interview, saying: 'white means pure.'

Asked what the product's name meant to her, Nigerian and Cameroonian singer Dancia appeared to contradict herself by saying: 'White means pure, not necessarily skin, but in general.'

She insisted that the cream is only for covering blemishes, despite an advertising campaign showing her entire body appearing lighter, adding: 'Some people they don't feel confident, they don't feel pure, they don't feel clean with dark spots.'

The Nigerian and Cameroonian singer insist that the cream is only intended as a dark spot remover, despite an advertising campaign featuring her looking several skin tones lighter

Critics have branded the product an 'abomination' saying it teaches young 'girls of colour' to be ashamed of their skin.



stinky said...

Controversy ginned up. Publicity garnered. Mission accomplished.

Liz said...

Well then I guess we should all protest Hawaiian Tropic for making white girls want to darken their skin.