Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Australia: Cheeky rain celebration too rude for Facebook

A farmer who bared his bottom to celebrate much-needed rain says being blocked on Facebook will not stop his nude salutes to the sky.  And he and his partner hope it will highlight how much rain means to drought-stricken farmers, particularly in Queensland.

James Rogers and Jody Fraser were thrilled at receiving the first solid downpour in eight months at their property near Cobar in central New South Wales last Friday.

When Mr Rogers decided to go for a celebratory scamper in nothing but his cowboy hat, Ms Fraser snapped a picture of the moment on her phone.  "It was just a random thing James decided it would be funny to do," she said.

Ms Fraser uploaded the photo to Facebook, and posted it on the Station Photos community page, which features pictures of life on the land from all over Australia.

The shot of the happy nude farmer immediately went viral, attracting thousands of shares and likes for its joyful expression and cheeky sense of humour.

But Mr Rogers soon found himself the butt of Facebook fury, with users reporting the image for graphic content or nudity.

The picture was taken down, and Station Photos was issued a warning and a subsequent 24-hour Facebook ban.

Ms Fraser said perhaps those who hit the 'report' button did not understand just how difficult life without water was.



Anonymous said...

Why do people feel threatened by the distant view of human skin, and it wasn't even a frontal view.

stinky said...

That's just a great pic.

Anonymous said...

I feel his joy!!!

Disillusioned said...

To those who complained: Get off Facebook and get a life instead of trying to ruin someone else's.
Life is tough enough in the outback without arseholes.

stinky said...

You could of course title the pic "Drought Over!, hang it in an art gallery, and receive rave reviews.

Hint, hint to all Aussie gallery owners....