Monday, March 17, 2014

Australia:  Conservative  candidate for Elder, Carolyn Habib, labels State Election campaign material 'filthy and racist'

Her own surname is 'filthy and racist'?  She should change it in that case

LIBERAL [party] candidate for the seat of Elder Carolyn Habib says campaign material authorised by the Labor Party is a "filthy and racist" attack on her surname.

The flyer cover has the words "can you trust Habib" set against what appears to be an old wall.

Ms Habib is a Marion city councillor, and the flyer says rates have increased since Ms Habib was elected to the council.

In an interview on ABC 891 radio this morning, Ms Habib said she thought the flyer was very offensive and un-Australian.

"I think it is a very thinly veiled racist attack against my surname," she said.  "It's a new low and a very, very filthy campaign in what has already been a dirty campaign over the past few weeks."

Ms Habib said she was born in Alice Springs, her father is from Lebanon and her mother is from Canada.



Anonymous said...

If you're going to use your real name, you might as well expect somebody to make fun of it.

Anonymous said...

Guess why the US national media is ignoring this story. Only covered at the DM, the gay press and local news, Yet a father kills his lesbian daughter and her girlfriend. Normally the media would jump on these stories, but the killer isn't the type liberals can make political use of, so they ignore the story.

Anonymous said...

OK, so the banner should read:

Can you trust she who can not be named.

Anonymous said...

And yet, SHE'S the one bringing up her background.