Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Australian Left backing censorship

Protecting people from prejudice and hate speech is part of the Australian citizenship contract, according to Bill Shorten, who strongly rebuffed comments by the attorney general, George Brandis, that “people have a right to be bigots”.

“No one has a right to bigotry and racism has no place in the modern Australia,” Shorten told an audience at the Migration Council award dinner.

“Protecting people from prejudice and hate speech is part of the contract Australian citizenship promises all its citizens,” he said. “In this debate we need to put ourselves in the shoes of those who have come here fleeing persecution and bigotry in their own country.”

The opposition leader was responding to comments by Brandis in the Senate that “people have a right to be bigots”.

Freedom of speech, Brandis said, was about defending the right of people to express opinions, no matter how offensive.

Brandis is in the process of drafting changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, after the conservative commentator Andrew Bolt was found to have breached section 18C which outlaws the right “offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate” a person or group because of their “race, colour or national or ethnic origin”.

The attorney general has yet to reveal the changes, which have already caused disquiet in his party room.

Asked about Brandis’s comments in the lower house on Monday, Tony Abbott said free speech could sometimes “upset” and “offend” but it was important to remember freedom and democracy rested on the right of free speech.



stinky said...

Nice juxtaposition of posts today, JJR. Very nice.

Disillusioned said...

In the lefty view held by a small minority of Australians, particularly academics white Australians who cannot be offended, slandered, humiliated or defamed because they are white. Time for this bullshit to stop and level the playing field. Personally I am offended whenever I see that food is deemed halal which seems to have become a council staple along with schools. It offends my religion. Where is my right to address such injustice?

Bird of Paradise said...

Typical of the left to oppose Free Speech they oppose Free Speech ecept for themselves

Anonymous said...

“No one has a right to bigotry and racism has no place in the modern Australia"
Yes, but who determines what constitutes bigotry and racism? Nowadays it seems all that has to happen is someone gets their feelings hurt. So now people are criticized for telling the truth when someone gets their feelings hurt.