Sunday, March 23, 2014

Nipples not allowed on British cakes

Facebook has removed a cake decorator's pictures of a mermaid from her company profile because the drawings showed the mermaid's nipples.

Rhu Strand, 52, of Waterlooville, Hampshire, blasted the social networking site for removing the pictures, saying she was shocked to receive the e-mail from the site condemning her drawings.

According to Strand,Facebook removed the pictures after receiving a complaint from an angry member who had reported the drawing which was posted on her 'Pimp my Cake with Mama Rhu' page for being too explicit.

Only hours after, Strand received a second email saying Facebook had deemed the picture inappropriate, her picture had been taken down and she was banned from her company page for 24 hours.

The sugar paste teacher said: 'I had a new logo made for my business of a topless mermaid similar to the one I had made as a cake figurine.

'It represents an iconic old sailor tattoo as I was a REN in the Navy 30 years ago, I live in Portsmouth, the home of the Royal Navy and I met my partner while sailing.

'I posted the picture on my company Facebook page at the weekend to promote my business and I received an email less than 48 hours later saying it had been reported for nudity.

'I think it was because she was topless and it was explicit imagery.

'I have now been banned from Facebook for 24 hours, which is a bit overdramatic.



Anonymous said...

The heading implies that Facebook might allow nipples on cakes from other countries (Facebook being an American company not British).

Anonymous said...

don't use Facebook. problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Liberal tolerance at its best... Teacher makes joke about LGBT group at school, he gets suspended, then students come out in support of him, and then liberals say that support creates an "unsafe" environment.