Sunday, March 30, 2014

British Airways says sorry for advert urging people to 'Discover the Indian Ocean'

Unintentionally funny

British Airways has been forced to apologise for an ill-timed advert encouraging commuters to fly to the Indian Ocean just days after it was revealed that is the location Malaysia flight MH370 is likely to have crashed.

The advert, which has a watery background, was running on the escalators at Euston Station in central London with the message: 'Escape the commute and discover the Indian Ocean'.

The airline later apologised on their Twitter page writing: 'Our Indian Ocean advert contained pre-scheduled content that we recognise is inappropriate at this time. We're sorry for any offence caused.'



Anonymous said...

Libs will be silent on this one though normally christian billboards would make them throw hissies. They see diversity in this one no doubt.

Bird of Paradise said...

Whats in the Indian Ocean beside a missing airliner and 270 innocent victims?