Monday, March 10, 2014

Facebook “Likes” Freedom Of Speech, REFUSES Censorship Demanded by Gun Control Cults

Gun prohibitionist groups badgering Facebook and Instagram to censor firearms-related pages have been politely invited to mind their own business and leave the social networks alone.

In a post titled “Facebook, Instagram Announce New Educational and Enforcement Measures for Commercial Activity,” the social networking giant announced that they would enforce existing policies and remind users to follow existing laws on both Facebook and Instagram.

The company will introduce “new educational and enforcement efforts” that comport with their existing policies.

Today, we are introducing a series of new educational and enforcement efforts for people discussing the private sale of regulated items:

Any time we receive a report on Facebook about a post promoting the private sale of a commonly regulated item, we will send a message to that person reminding him or her to comply with relevant laws and regulations. We will also limit access to that post to people over the age of 18.

We will require Pages that are primarily used by people to promote the private sale of commonly regulated goods or services to include language that clearly reminds people of the importance of understanding and complying with relevant laws and regulations, and limit access to people over the age of 18 or older if required by applicable law.

We will provide special in-app education on Instagram for those who search for sales or promotions of firearms.

While Facebook may be left-leaning, they recognize that they have a fiduciary responsibility to their investors, and a moral imperative to respect the First Amendment and Second Amendment rights of all Americans.

They refuse to censor free speech as Michael Bloomberg and Shannon Watts demanded.

All of the fan pages that are currently used to buy/sell/trade firearms will remain on both Facebook and Instagram. Anyone violating the terms of service or the law with be dealt with on a case by case basis, as they were before.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) concurs that Facebook’s policies were merely reclarifying their existing policies, but wishes that the social media company would have directly included them in discussions.


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countenance said...

There's a reason Facebook is showing spine all of a sudden.

Instead of me coming out right and stating my theory why, I'll see if you can figure it out, but I'll give you some hints:

1. Who runs Facebook?

2. What does that person want in a political sense more than anything in the world right now?

3. Which group of people is he trying to convince and plead with and beg to give him that thing?

4. What is a well known political-social group associated with that group of people that is the answer to #3?

From there, you can fill in the rest of the blanks.