Friday, March 07, 2014

Must not gamble on a trial outcome

Paddy Power is a bookmaker

Paddy Power's controversial Oscar Pistorius advert has become the most complained about UK advert of all time with more than 5,200 complaints so far, the Advertising Standards Authority said today.

The advert, which offered 'money back if he walks' or Pistorius is found not guilty of killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, is to be withdrawn with immediate effect after it received an 'unprecedented number of complaints'.

An ASA spokesman said: 'We consider the ad may be seriously prejudicial to the general public on the ground of the likely further serious and/or widespread offence it may cause.

The advert featured a photograph of Pistorius, a double amputee Olympic racer and a Paralympic gold medallist, mocked up as an Academy Award statuette.

The ASA had previously said it was investigating whether the advert was offensive for trivialising several issues, including the fact it is a murder trial, Ms Steenkamp’s death and Pistorius’s disability.


Gambling on something "trivializes" it -- and that is bad??


Stan B said...

My personal opinion is that gambling on such things as trial outcomes opens another door of corruption to the court system. Imagine the scandal of a jury member being able to gain financially from the outcome of their vote. It's not worth the risk - so IMHO it should be illegal. However, if it's NOT illegal, what's the problem? Ethics? Morals? Like anybody cares about those anymore?

stinky said...

Yes, Stan B, a lot of people do still care about such things. But they're not the people in power.