Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Must not mention black mobs

According to conservative news site WorldNetDaily, Google notified site administrators of plans to block Google ads on WND content.

Google representatives objected to WND’s repeated use of the phrase “black mobs” during a two-year run of articles focused on black-on-white crime. The phrase “black mobs” appeared in more than 670 WND stories.

Google cited its AdSense policies, which prohibit discriminatory statements and hate speech based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age or veteran status.

According to the official Google policy on hate speech, “while Google believes strongly in the freedom of expression, we also recognize the need to protect the quality of the AdSense network for users, advertisers and publishers. As such, Google does not allow the monetization of hate speech or any other content that is intended to insult, offend or intimidate an individual or group.”

Google policies also protect against content that makes “sweeping generalizations about a group.”

WND Editor Joseph Farah published an editorial defending WND against hate speech claims and accusing Google of censorship of “First Amendment-protected media.”

According to Farah, the phrase “black mobs” as used in WND content was not hate speech. In his editorial, he said the use of “black mobs” was “not hate speech (but) the reporting of facts.”



Anonymous said...

Facts ARE hate speech to liberals!

Remember, truth is always hate to those who hate the truth!

not stinky said...

Google is a business. Weird Nuts Daily has it wrong. Google can do what ever the hell they want in terms what they "censor". Farah and his ilk should actually READ the constitution, that is, if they can read.

Brian from Rochester NY said...

not stinky,

You're absolutely right! Google can do what they want regarding censorship, and we have the right to point out the way they twist things around to justify their censorship.

If these mobs referred to were composed of black people, then describing them as 'black mobs' is a detail of the report, not "sweeping generalizations about a group."

Are you going to hold MSNBC people like Chris Matthews just as accountable for saying that all Republicans are racist misogynists who hate the old and the poor enough to let them die? Talk about your sweeping generalizations!

Let Google pull their ads. Let them voice their opinion, but allow others to point out Google's hypocrisy as well.

Anonymous said...

Actually "stinky", you are right and wrong. This has nothing to do with Free Speech and reading the Constitution. However, Google requires one to "sign" an agreement to use their services. Google is interpreting their agreement in a manner that furthers their progressive agenda. Perhaps they should read THAT. Also, they are hypocrits. They complain when someone else uses the term black mob, but type in "black mob" on Google and see what you get.

Use the Name, Luke said...

Facts ARE hate speech to liberals!

Exactly. "Truth sounds like hate to those that hate the truth."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps "black mobs" is also a bit ambiguous. Maybe "mobs of blacks" or "mobs of black people" would be clearer and more factual.

stinky said...

Wow, am I in their heads much or what?

Narcissism/trollery is not love of self; it is love of one's image. When you point this out to trolls, and contrast it with their loser lives (because winners don't need to hide behind a false, constructed image), they really feel it. For proof, see the troll comments above.

All take note. This explains trolls ... and political correctness (itself but a false, constructed image of a virtue that doesn't actually exist).

It's a common disease these days because we encourage it. Unearned self-esteem , anyone? Thus the trolls, and thus stories like this one about how the virtuous PC crowd is fighting yet another dragon of injustice. The dragon's name is Snipe and Snipe-hunting is a good maker for narcissism.

[A topic for another day is the question of why the narcissists consistently pick soft, easy targets. Short answer: they are too insecure to start a real fight, thus their passive-aggressive stance. But we can expound on that in a separate thread.]

Anonymous said...

Stinky is "in their heads" because he tries to dominate almost every thread with his pompous rants, but merely displays his puerile egotism, if not his narcissism. If anyone is a troll it is he (or she?)
Luke is like a mirror image, though presumably not the same person with a split personality.

stinky said...

Feeling dominated is also a sign of insecurity. Dominated by mere words, are you? You make my case better than I make it myself, dominated little troll.

And remember, these threads are instructive to everyone else as to how to handle you and, by extension, all narcissistic behavior. Expect more in the future, and not just from me.

Or, you could grow up and behave like an adult. It's a choice.

Bird of Paradise said...

The answer to black mobs is the National Guard with orders of Shoot to Kill

Anonymous said...

Stinky is clearly a demented individual who needs psychiatric help.

BOB said...

Dear stinky, Prescribed medication is having no effect on reducing the severity of your many cognitive and psychotic disorders. Therefore, electro-convulsive therapy, also known as electro-shock, is now appropriate. Turn yourself in ASAP and bring diapers in case control is lost due to the voltage.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Stinky's weird wording is alcohol-induced and a way of releasing his pent up aggressions and insecurities through a keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:12 - I don't think so. I think that he/she/it has been snacking on the local mushrooms again.

stinky said...

You guys make my point better than I do.

Anonymous said...

stinky @7:30, is that all you've got to say? You disappoint me. I was waiting for you to give me a good laugh.

stinky said...

You can't even see how high-school your comebacks are, can you? Well, in your defense, maybe you are still at that age.

So I rest my case; last word is yours if you like, it won't help tho.

Bird of Paradise said...

Mobs of uncivilized savages who should be returned to africa they have no place ina civilized nation