Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Must not criticize native customs

Maori customs certainly are bizarre by Western standards but Pakehas (white New Zealanders) understand them and have adopted them to some extent

A Danish MP has offended New Zealand’s Maoris by describing their traditional welcome dance as ‘uncivilised and grotesque’.

Right-wing politician Marie Krarup went on to say in a piece she wrote for a Danish newspaper that she was shocked to be welcomed by a dancing ‘half naked man’.

The traditional greeting, known as a powhiri, is given as an honour to visitors to New Zealand, but Miss Krarup has left the Maoris in no doubt that she failed to understand the value they all place upon the ceremony.

Miss Krarup recalled that when she arrived at the Devonport Naval Base, the headquarters of the Royal New Zealand Navy located on the North Island, she and the group she was with were greeted by a man shouting and screaming in Maori and poking his tongue out.

She felt like an idiot, she said, as she gave a hongi - rubbing her nose with a warrior - and the waiata, a Maori song, performed by naval personnel sounded like a Danish children’s song about a happy ladybird.  The song, she said, was accompanied by a ‘kindergarten-teacher-guitar-accompaniment.'  

Maoris said today that the politician clearly had no understanding about the local culture and should have, at least, had the decency to read about it before arriving in the country.

Maori culture expert Dr Ranginui Walker, said her remarks showed complete ignorance.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps she felt like an idiot because she is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

And if the native culture called for sacrificing a virgin, the "honored Guest" would have to be cool with that too. These "cultures" used to be called primitive for a good reason, they are primitive. We're also supposed to respect the updated version of this sort of cultural expression, rap, as some sort of window into to lives of "urban", note the PC, youth. Hey, it's crap period. End of story. If you want to do it or listen to it, whatever, just don't expect to be respected for it.

Anonymous said...

Next she'll be complaining about the funny aggressive dance they do before every rugby game!