Friday, April 12, 2013

Must not use "suicide" metaphorically

Laurie Fisher, An Australian  rugby football coach, asserted  that the opposing team (Limerick) would be so soundly defeated in a forthcoming match that they would feel like suicide afterward.  His message to his team was:

"Suicide watch in Limerick tonight. Got to dust off and give 100% to the team next week. Only 80 mins away from HC semi-final."

A footballer comments:

Along with the majority of the world, I see nothing wrong with his statement.  Yet, some of you little PC pilgrims, who are in desperate need of a hobby, felt the need to get your tedious voices heard.  Apparently the word 'suicide' is now on the PC black list.

Laurie got some feedback for his time. A few examples follow.
'Your flippancy about suicide is unacceptable and in bad taste.'
'An absolute disgraceful comment to make! Have tweeted local journalist about it'

Neither Laurie, or myself, are advocating an increase in suicide.  I cannot believe that sentence has to be written.  To any thinking person, this is obvious.

I noticed, when shown this, that Laurie apologised for his 'indiscretion'.  I will do no such thing. I'm here to tell you that if you are so politically correct that you take offence to Laurie's comment, you are an idiot. 

Offended? I don't care. Thinking of commenting on this story to tell me I'm the devil? Go for it, you might amuse me for a short period of time.


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Anonymous said...

"PC Pilgrims" I like it. Perhaps the nanny state these types so crave can impose a "use fee" for expressing mindless offense to innocuous comments.