Monday, April 29, 2013

Too much truth

I have to tread warily here in case I get something wrong but I gather that many of the Orthodox in Israel do avoid normal citizen duties by spending their lives as "students"  -- just studying religious texts.  Anger over that is common among more secular Israelis

Deputy Finance Minister Mickey Levy (Yesh Atid) called the ultra-Orthodox public "parasites" during a live radio interview on Wednesday, exacerbating the already tense situation between the ultra-Orthodox public and a government which seeks to implement universal conscription and changes in the ultra-Orthodox educational system.

In an interview with Kol Berama, an ultra-Orthodox radio station, Levy, a former Jerusalem District police chief, said that the community must join the labor force because "it's impossible to be parasites on the Israeli public. The ultra-Orthodox must bear the burden. and enter the job market. It is impossible to continue to be carried on the shoulders of the Israeli taxpayer."

Levy immediately apologized and retracted his remark, and said that "you are equal citizens, [and must] be obligated with responsibilities" instead of "continuing to live off those. who serve their country."

MK Eli Yishai of Shas immediately denounced Levy's remarks, likening them to statements made in 1942 Germany. "If similar statements, such as the deputy minister said, were spoken about the Jewish community by a parliament member in another country, that country would be shocked, and rightly so."



Anonymous said...

Parasites is, unfortunately, the appropriate term to use with these professional moochers who hide behind their religion. They do the very same thing here in the US. The only difference here is, no one would dare bring the facts to light for fear of being labeled, "anti-Semitic". But it should be remembered that a fact cannot be anti-semitic, nor can a fact be racist.

Stefan v said...

Sooner or later they'll be put to a hard choice: get with the program or suffer. The ultras have a birthrate much higher than the seculars, and eventually will breed themselves into majority. Then they'll have to deal with their peaceloving neighbours themselves, rather than relying on the hired help. Sadly, the odds of this happeing absent catastrophy are slim. In 1943, the previous manifestation of the Eu was well along with its cultural enrichment program in Warsaw and the poor Jews had a futile glorious last stand. Might have worked out better if they'd started 10 years early...

Anonymous said...

They must not be doing much studying since the Bible clearly suggests that for able bodied persons, if you don't work you don't eat.