Thursday, April 25, 2013

Women's basketball team the Boston Bombers to rename their franchise after terror attack

I guess I can understand that one!

Up until last week the Boston Bombers were just a basketball team out of New England.

The city's only semi-professional women's basketball team has changed their name after abruptly closing their Facebook page and website in a bid to disassociate themselves from last week's horrific attack.

They revealed their new name of the Boston Bulldogs on Tuesday.

'We was planning on changing it once the Boston incident happened,' a team spokesperson confirmed to MailOnline.

The Bombers were one of more than 40 teams part of the Women's Blue Chip League, a non-salaried league that provided its players with advanced exposure for opportunities to compete in the next level.

The team featured a red and black logo of a detonating bomb with four basketball seams crossing the front.



Anonymous said...

"We was planning" ??

Anonymous said...

And that's from the team spokesperson - imagine what tortured english you might have heard/read if it had just come from one of the players...???
Will Essendon have to change their name if someone blows up Melbourne?