Friday, April 19, 2013

Whites must not dress like Africans

Blacks and whites must be segregated?

On Feb. 13 a group of white student athletes at Hopkins dressed up to celebrate their upcoming trip to a state ski meet.

Some African-American students said the ski team members called it "Ghetto Spirit Day."  But one of the students who came up with the idea for the day, whom MPR News has agreed not to name, said he and his teammates called it "Rapper Day."

"I thought it was just going to be fun with my friends and I guess some people just thought it was a really big deal, and I think it got a little bit out of proportion."  - Unnamed Hopkins High School student

"I thought it was just going to be fun with my friends and I guess some people just thought it was a really big deal, and I think it got a little bit out of proportion," the student said.

Two African-American students complained to school administrators about how the white students were dressed.  "One of them was wearing basketball shorts, a tank top, a "do-rag." Mind you these are all white students," he said.

Almost 70 percent of Hopkins High School's students are white. About one-fifth are black.

The other protesting student, a senior, said "They dressed up like gangsters basically. There were sagging chinchilla coats with the chains, joint in the ear just mocking our culture. Really how we reacted, we felt it was modern day 'blackfacing.'"



Anonymous said...

When your "culture" is dressing like a pimp and drug pusher, maybe you have an issue beyond other people mocking you.

Anonymous said...

They should be mocked daily. Just an outside chance this would promote civilized behavior.

Anonymous said...

So; They are now segregating themselves by how they dress?

Anonymous said...

Mocking our culture? What if 4 or 5 generations of Whites go on welfare, or deal drugs, or shoots people from a moving car, is that also mocking their culture? What if a White spends their food stamp allotment on fancy sneakers instead of food, is that too mocking their culture? And just what culture are they referring to?


Anonymous said...

@2:07 - yet more right wing drivel. Double yawn.

Anonymous said...

They're already slaves, only their current masters require them to vote in lockstep rather than pick cotton.

Anonymous said...

"culture"? - sub-culture more like, with emphasis on the "sub"!

Anonymous said...

Strange, wonder what they thought of Vanilla Ice?

Anonymous said...

So why do Africans wear European clothes?

TheOldMan said...

There are very, very few actual African-Americans in the USA. Elon Musk (Tesla, PayPal, SpaceX) is one, Teresa Heinz (psychotic) is another. They were born in Africa and live in America. I doubt that even .01% of black Americans has ever set foot in Africa. If you are born in the USA, you are an American. Only people who were born elsewhere and are naturalized can hyphenate but why would you want to hang on the identity of the place that you left?

Anonymous said...

White people dressing like a stereo-typical rapper/gangsta is mocking 'their' culture.
Black people dressing like stereo-typical white people is, what?