Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Facebook trumps the media

The painfully politically correct media howl if anyone just mentions the word race.  But nobody likes to be preached to all the time so it's no wonder that the less monolithic messages found on Facebook are influential.  Facebook gives you the diversity of views that you cannot get in the media.  And the Left always tell us what a good thing diversity is

According to a new study, the longer you spend on Facebook, the likelier you are to agree with racist sentiments.

The research—published in the latest issue of the academic journal Computers in Human Behavior (it's behind a paywall)—was led by Shannon Rauch, assistant professor of psychology at Providence College, and Kimberley Schanz, a doctoral candidate at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Rauch and Schanz took 623 participants (69 percent of them were female) and asked them to rate their level of Facebook usage on a scale of 1 to 8, with the higher number indicating a higher frequency of consumption of the social network.

They were then asked to read one of three different Facebook notes about race, supposedly written by "Jack Brown," a fictional 26-year-old male.

The first, dubbed the "superiority message," it argued that whites as a whole were superior to blacks. The second, "victim message," insisted that whites had become the "oppressed racial group in America." The third post was called "the egalitarian message," arguing that all races were equal and that anti-black sentiment was still an issue.

The study's subjects were then asked to indicate how much they agreed with the message that they read. Rauch and Schanz found that users who spent more time on the social networks were more likely to find truth in Brown's racist notes.



Anonymous said...

"According to a new study, the longer you spend on Facebook, the likelier you are to agree with racist sentiments..."

Or, the likelier you are to see and understand the truth, rather than what the MSM feeds you?

It may have something to do with the fact that many, many, non-blacks are getting very tired of seeing how the charge/allegation of "racism" seems to only apply to Whites, but never for blacks. Add to that the fact that most people now realize that the overwhelming majority of real racism comes from blacks themselves.

Anonymous said...

The "PC Emperor" wears a suit of clothes that's fading rapidly!

Anonymous said...

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Bird of Paradise said...

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